About Kyokill

My actual name is Kurtis, I’m a self taught Digital Illustrator / Graphic Designer based in sunny little Perth, Western Australia.

I illustrate a whole bunch of violent/pastel/chrome/retro stuff mostly under the name Kyokill - Kurtis Yok Illustrations - and have been for just under 4 years. 

If you’d ask me to describe my artwork ‘style’ I honestly couldn’t give you a straight answer. I just sit down and draw what I think looks good. Never had any formal training, don’t really know any art/colour theory and am actually deutan colour blind (yeah, shades of purple/blue/pink, yellow/green I can rarely tell apart).

Buuut if I have to give an answer, I’d say my designs are:

“Heavily influenced by my sunny, palm-filled hometown of Perth, dashed with a huge dose of retro-futuristic, violently pastel cityscapes, people and concept supercars of the 70s-90s era.”

In the past 3-4 years I’ve worked with a huge range of other creatives, agencies, clients, musicians, people and animals; Creating anything from Seinfeld TV promotions and Officially licensed 'The Office' merch to newspaper covers and even animated a raft of oscar nominees.

You name it, I’ll give it a go: 

Personal / Car Portraits

Album / EP Covers

Custom GIF Animations

Logos - Corporate and Personal

Social Media Graphics

Event Posters

Web Illustrations

Clothing Graphics

As well as various other assorted, weird ideas.

A few interesting achievements:

I currently have a dedicated an art hotel room at Hotel Paradiso, have been featured in Pikchur Magazine, on the cover of The Miami New Times, had art displayed and sold at Honeybones Gallery and have featured on the official Seinfeld Instagram (big fanboy moment).

Apart from all of that - I’m always open for collaborations, commissions or anything within the creative scope. For now and in the immediate future, I’m looking to continue honing my digital illustrations and trying to get into painting and large scale outdoor artwork.

Otherwise I'm always keen to chat ideas so feel free to get in touch via Instagram DM (@kyokill) or email art@kyokill.com and we can talk turkey.

And you? Thank you for choosing to spend any amount of time in your life viewing, buying, supporting or reading about my art - means a lot.