Kyokill Digital Editions

Own a piece of the retro-future as interpreted by Kyokill Corporation. Be the envy of your virtual network as you adorn the walls of your pleasurecraft on the shores of the metaverse.

Currently available


A gleaming offer met with neon reprisal in a new take on a traditional theme.

Digital animation - Limited edition of 25 available.

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1/1 Digital Editions

Let's get exclusive

Gain entry to the Motel Kyokill Penthouse Suite by owning a highly sought after 1/1 Kyokill digital edition.

Available via Foundation & Makersplace.

Limited Digital Editions

Collect at your leisure

Enhance your collection with a limited edition Kyokill original artwork.

Every owner receives a complimentary Motel Kyokill room key (valid for all sorts of perks).

Editions can be found via KnownOrigin or Opensea.

Tezos OBJKTs

Looking for something different?

Things get a little experimental over on the Tezos blockchain.

Take things underground and grab a piece or two on the low over at

Commissioned NFTs

Kyokill anything

Bring your NFT collection to life with a Kyokill custom.

From Apes to Zunks, Kyokill up your favourite jpeg, or commission a new original artwork for yor web3 space.

Available for any and all derivatives, remixes and custom artwork.


Take things up a notch

Want to see what projects feature Kyokill thus far?
Need an artist for special editions or specific traits?
Looking to talk turkey on a full-scale project?

Kyokill has featured in multiple projects over the years & is always looking to create synergies with leading builders in web3.